Monday, 26 December 2011

Pondok Madani..^^

Last thursday, I attended the 2nd International Conference on Islamic Education 2011 (ICIEd2011) at Hotel Equatorial Bangi, this is my first experience to attend this conference, normally, I would watch on TV Al-Hijrah only, but the conference was held in Bandar Baru Bangi,so i took he opurtinity to see international Islamic teachers from overseas,hehe..well~i was kindda wierd when I met them,but,thoutfully,they were very friendly..haha,then,I met someone that I really never thought that I will met him,

It was Cik Hamid,a teacher from Pondok Gontor,Indonesia~well,we had a talk,then I asked him,"cik Hamid,have you ever hear A. Fuadi?the novelist of 5 Menara and Ranah 3 Warna?",the he answered,"A. Fuadi??haha,he is my student for a couple of years ago",I was so shocked and didn't expect that I will met his teacher,hahaha..I was so exited~now,I know that Pondok Madani is Pondok Gontor~hua3...well,its an honour to meet A. Fuadi's teacher,Cik Hamid,he told me the same thing like in the novel 5 Menara,haha~what a memory..I hope I can also be like him~speaking in 3 langauges,BM,English plus Arabic(well,kindda hard)...InsyaAllah..
well~ni la cik hamid(yg pkai tag tu!)

Wallahu A'lam..

2 ulasan:

Qurratu A'yun said...

peh~~~ speaking tros.. asal x ckp arab jek..haha

Anonymous said...

ala~pham2 je la aq ni cmne,isk3..
barab pon x lepas lagi,nk cecah A- pon lpas lagi tau..

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